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Joseph 2bears Art Glass Studio is a husband & wife home-based business located in Lomita, CA (near the Los Angeles Harbor). Started as a hobby and part-time business in 1981, it was transformed into a full-time business in 2003. Joseph 2bears designs stained glass panels, while Vicki Lynn does glass etching and engraving. We are the artists that transform your ideas into beautiful glass of lasting value and pride. We are the craftsmen who painstakingly cut each piece of glass and assemble the finished work. We are the business owners dependent on your satisfaction and referrals for future business.

We have a passion for the glass arts, which we offer to each client. We use only the finest quality materials and highest standards in quality workmanship. While we will not compromise our standards, we will work within your budget.
Explore our website to learn more about us, and the services we offer. See recent samples of our work, and contact us with any questions, without obligation. We also serve the art glass community with training classes and educational resources, which you can explore in the Calendar and Articles sections of this website.
Please take the time to look thru our Gallery to see example of our artwork!

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